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Choosing A Sound System

Choosing a PA system is not simple. How much you need to spend will be directly related to your needs and while it is impossible to give anything more than very rough guide prices, you should expect to budget from £1000 - £2000 for small voice only systems, from £2000 - £4000 for voice and recorded music systems and from £3000 - £5000 and above for systems capable of handling live music. The factors that affect the cost include the size of the church, its construction, the number and quality of microphones and the provision of ancillary services such as recording and loop systems. It is the sound contractor's job to design a system that meets your needs and this can only be achieved if you carefully consider what those needs are.

Initially, you should consider the amount of microphones that you need as this determines the number of input channels that the system requires. Remember that radio microphones can reduce the number of fixed microphones required as they can be used anywhere in the building. The usual microphone requirements include the following locations: pulpit, lectern, ambo, prayer desks, altars and communion tables. It is also usual to make provision for at least one or two "general" positions for music or drama and if you have a praise group, they may require their own complement of microphone and instrument positions.

Do you want to make recordings of services? Have you considered a loop system for the hard of hearing? Do you need the sound to feed into other areas of the church such as halls or a creche? Remember that the more information you can give to your installer, the easier it will be to design a system that suits you.

Audio Promotions specialise in church sound. We have access to a large range of equipment from many manufacturers that we have found from experience to be reliable, fairly priced and particularly suitable for church applications. A considerable proportion of our work involves the replacement of components (and even entire systems) that are simply not suitable for church use. Our objective is to design a system within your budget that meets all of your needs. If we feel that your budget is insufficient to cover your requirements we will tell you and equally if we feel that we can reduce costs without compromising the quality of the system, we will do so. On occasions we have been able to significantly improve existing systems at little or no cost simply by re-setting controls, or perhaps by replacing a microphone or other component.

Details and information on sound system components can be found in these factsheets. Click to view









High quality mp3 files of the Last Post and Reveille may be freely downloaded for use in remembrance services. The Last Post includes one minute of silence. Right click and “Save Link As”